Happy Doc Summer Camp

Location: Pocono Valley, Stroudsburg PA

Dates: August 26-30, 2018

Aug 26 (Sun) - Arrive anytime after 3 PM. Relax and unwind.
Aug 27-29 (Mon-Wed) - Programming and activities
Aug 30 (Thu) - Breakfast and goodbyes!

CME's offered: Up to 16 (depending upon participation)

Physician Side Gigs Special Offer

Happy Doc Summer Camp wishes to extend a special discount to all members of the Physician Side Gigs Facebook group. We are offering an individual discounted price for quad occupancy housing of $1499 using discount code "SIDEGIGS" during registration. You will be prompted for the discount code in the first part of the registration, when you select the registration type. Double occupancy, family, and large-group cabins are also available.

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Program Features

Personal wellness and workplace wellness are each given their own track. While meditation can help ground us and relieve short-term stress, we also believe "you can't meditate your way out of a bad job." So we have an entire track focusing on workplace stressors - and solutions.

The curriculum is solutions-oriented. We consider evidence and causes, but we also provide tools. This culminates in the last day's two group activities - to develop personal and workplace action plans. Listen, participate, share - and come away feeling not resigned but resolved.

Downtime is healthy. The schedule is not super-packed. So come and enjoy and relax. We knew that if we scheduled non-stop stuff from 6am to 8pm we'd feel guilty if we didn't go.

Nothing is required. While we have a lot of activities that are traditionally featured at team-building camps, some people find the requirement to particpate off-putting. You are the best judge of what will help you get the most out of Happy Doc.

Program Highlights

Keynote Lectures
"Healing the Healer" - Elizabeth Vermilyea PhD
"Restoring the Joy of Practice" - Robert Lam, MD FAAEM

Personal Wellness Track Highlights
"The Art of Saying No" - Lisa Stoneking, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
"Sleep Hygeine" - Kelly Barringer, MD
"Developing Self-Compassion" - Dave Buller MALdT
"Financial Wellness" - Kathy Hiller MD MPH FACEP

Workplace Wellness Track Highlights
"Systemic Causes of Provider Fatigue" - Anne Martinelli MD
"The Opioid-Free Workplace" - John Cienki MD FACEP
"Dealing With Workplace Violence" - Matt Freeman DNP
"Antidotes for Toxic Co-Workers" - Larry DeLuca EdD MD FAAEM

Panels and Group Activities
Personal Advocacy in the Workplace (Panel)
Developing an Individual Action Plan (Group)
Developng a Workplace Action Plan (Group)


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What are the accommodations like?

It's summer camp. There are lots of pictures in our gallery or the overview. Double occupancy, quad occupancy, large-group and family cabin options are available. If you're coming with a group and want a cabin together we can definitely do that. If that annoying co-worker is coming you can secretly tell us to move you to opposite cabins and we'll do the best we can. We've got 370 acres to work with. Linens and towels are supplied. It's not THAT rustic. And there's plenty of indoor plumbing - and hot water!

And the food?

It's summer camp, so communal dining. But we've got you covered on options like vegetarian or vegan options, gluten-free, etc (please specify at registration time so we can ballpark for the staff). We'll have normal mealtimes, but there will be snacks, and the camp has agreed to provide a 24/7 late-night menu as well.

All beverages are included, and there will be 24-hour beverages available in the dining hall.

If you want to go off-campus you certainly can. There are food options in nearby Stroudsburg.

Yes, we REALLY want you to come!

While we are inviting you first and foremost because we think it will be a great event and you will have a good time, we'd like to also offer you the opportunity to promote your side gig, if applicable. We can provide you with space, put an ad for you side gig in our mobile event planner, etc.

If enough people from the group are present, it might also be fun to have a Physician Side Gigs meetup event.

And last but not least,a huge shout-out to Nisha Mehta, MD, who has been so incredibly helpful!

Hope to see you at camp!

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